Rally driving is an experience that you have most definitely never experienced. At Rally Action British School, we give you the chance to experience rally driving in a well-equipped facility while under the care of our professional instructors. Our facility is ranked among the best rally driving facilities in the UK. The school has been nurturing drivers for the past 20 years, giving it a vast experience in rally driving and the likes.

We offer several courses and experiences depending on your preference. We can give you a taster rally driving experience or an advanced private rally driving tuition. We also cater to the juniors through our junior rally school where we offer junior rally driving tuition and experiences. In addition to all that, we offer different rally courses for beginner and advanced drivers. You can also hire a rally car if you don’t have one through our rally care hire service.

Our school is a place where you can start your rally driving career and take a BARS Assessment test since we are licensed and accredited by the Motor Sports Association. Our instructors are also licensed by the Motorsport Association.

Call our rally school today for more information about our services and experiences.