We believe talent is harnessed best at a young age. That is why we at Rally Action British School make sure the juniors are not left out of the excitement.

Here are vouchers available for juniors (aged between 10 to 16 years):

Monetary Voucher

If you are undecided on which course or experience to choose for your child, this monetary voucher will give your child the chance to decide on which course or experience to enrol in. Monetary vouchers range from 50 pounds to denominations of 50 pounds.

Junior Rally Experience

This is a taster product that introduces a junior to rally driving. This experience costs only 80 pounds.

The voucher includes:

  • A 20-minute brief on safety and driving
  • A brief car demonstration on handbrake turns and sliding
  • Handbrake turns by the junior
  • Full loose rally stage driving
  • A high-speed passenger ride

Junior Adrenaline Rally Experience

This is a 2-hour taster product that costs 100 pounds.

The voucher includes:

  • A 20-minute safety and driving brief
  • Brief in-car demonstrations
  • Training on handbrake turns in a series of straights and ninety-degree corners
  • 200m sweeping bends and powerslides
  • Training on sliding on skid pans and doughnut style driving technique

Junior Introductory Half Day

This is an introductory course for juniors without a driving license and are aged below 16 years. It costs 120 pounds.

The voucher includes:

  • 20-minute brief and in-car demonstrations
  • Familiarisation of the car and the track
  • Handbrake turns and powerslide practice
  • Full-stage driving practice for learnt techniques
  • Doughnut and figure techniques and high-speed passenger ride

Junior Rally Solo

This is a one-on-one private junior rally driver experience and training which costs 140 pounds.

The voucher includes:

  • Car familiarisation for beginners
  • Handbrake turns and powerslide practices
  • Practice on all rally driving techniques
  • Drive time and solo rally introduction including classroom lessons
  • High-speed passenger rides

Junior Clubmans Full Day

Full-day rally junior training that costs 200 pounds.

The voucher includes:

  • 20-minute brief and in-car demonstration
  • Car and track familiarisation
  • Handbrake turn and powerslide practice including doughnut techniques
  • Classroom briefing
  • Several full stage driving
  • Surface testing for fast and slow bends and straights
  • High-speed passenger ride