There are several vouchers available for adult drivers at the Rally Action British School.

Adrenalin Rally Driving Experience

Costs 100 pounds. The voucher includes:

  • 20-minute briefing and in-car demonstrations
  • Practice on handbrake turns on straights and ninety-degrees corners
  • A 200m sweep bending and powerslide techniques
  • Skin pad slides and doughnut style driving practices
  • High-speed passenger ride

Introductory Half Day-Get It Sideways

Costs 150 pounds. The voucher includes:

  • 20-minute lecture on principles of rally driving and car control
  • In-car demonstrations and powerslide and sideway control practices
  • Handbrake turns on a sequence of tight corners
  • Loose surface driving on the surface stage revisiting techniques learnt
  • High-speed passenger ride

Full Throttle Clubmans Full Day

Costs from 250 pounds. The voucher includes:

  • 20-minute informal lecture on principles of rally driving and car control
  • In car demonstrations, powerslide, and sideway control practice
  • Handbrake turns on a series of tight corners
  • Combined technique practice
  • Scandinavian flicks testing and additional driving techniques practice
  • Full stage drive with the instructor as the navigator
  • High-speed passenger ride

Full Day Rally Experience – Ultimate Stage Rally

This voucher gives you the chance to learn how to drive like a professional rally driver. Costs 330 pounds.

The voucher includes:

  • Introduction to professional rally driving
  • Briefing on safety, theoretical vehicle control, and basic rally driving techniques
  • In-car demonstrations
  • Powerslides and handbrake turns practices
  • Theory on understanding stage pace notes
  • Authentic full-rally stage driving with two sessions: the student as the driver and the instructor as the navigator and a switch of sits for the second session with the student navigating at full rally speed.

This voucher is perfect for those who wish to have a try on professional rally driving.

Private Rally Experience/Tuition

This voucher is a private one-to-one experience with a professional instructor. You can either book a front wheel or a rear wheel. Costs 170 pounds.

The voucher includes:

  • In-car demonstrations of different techniques
  • Powerslides, handbrake turns, and pendulum slides practices
  • Full-rally stage driving on a series of straights and tight corners

High-speed passenger rider.