We welcome you to the famous Rally Action British School. The Rally Action British School is one of the first Rally Schools in the United Kingdom. We have been making sure Britain is not short of skilled rally drivers in the past 20 years. We offer several rally-related services such as rally courses, rally days out, professional rally driver training, and junior rally driving training.

The school is accredited and licensed for rally driver training and assessments by the Motorsport Association. It is one of the few rally schools in Britain with the license to train rally drivers and assess their skill levels. Our instructors are also licensed experts, so you are in safe hands when you join to horn your rally driving skills in our school.

Moreover, our instructors are fully equipped with skills and experience in training different types of driving like evasive driving, stunt driver training, and racing. We have trained a number of professionals including security firms and professional rally drivers.

You can join in the rally action at our rally school whether you are an adult or a junior. We offer both junior and senior training, and you can choose a one-on-one training session or a taster session. Whichever you choose, we assure you maximum time on the wheel and not just in the theory classes. There are several courses available to choose from for those looking to build on their skills, starting from the beginner course to professional courses or advanced driver courses.

The Rally Action British School has a modern rally gravel stage where you can get the chance to test your skills using any car in our fleet of vehicles. Moreover, they are not the typical vehicles you see in traffic. The fleet includes Mitsubishis, Escort Mk2, Volkswagen Golf, Subaru models, and other turbo-packed rally cars.

There is a workshop in the school compound and a performance centre that make sure you are not short of enjoying things to do and learn.

Whether you are looking to treat a friend or family, train for stunt driving, train for a profession, or nurture your children’s talent, we promise to give you the best experience and training to last for a long time.