2010 Harley Davidson Edition F-150: Under a Magnifying Glass

Harley Davidson Edition F-150

The 2010 Harley Davidson F-150 is the epitome of a man’s truck with its acute boxy styling it says “I’m a little rough around the edges”, which is completely okay in a man’s world. The 2010 Harley Davidson F-150 is offered in one body configuration, four door super crew cab. Harley Davidson Performance Exhausts can also get you better acceleration and torque, which has been becoming more important nowadays. When choosing a Harley Davidson F-150 one can’t be picky when it comes to colors; the Harley Davidson is offered in just two: Tuxedo Black or Lava Metallic. Harley Davidson F-150’s don’t give you a lot of choices because it wouldn’t be a Harley otherwise. The Harley Davidson F-150 is a beautiful truck with a bull dog stance and a 5.5 foot bed. On the bed it reads Harley Davidson as well as its badge on the fenders, so there is no mistaking this F-150 from the rest of the cattle. The new Harley rolls on massive 22 inch five spoke aluminum wheels wrapped in all season rubber.

The Harley Davidson F-150 is powered by a SOHC, 24 valve Triton V8 that produces 320 horsepower and 390ftlbs of torque. However, don’t look for the new Harley to perform like the supercharged version in the days of ole; with a six speed automatic it slumberly jaunts to 60mph in 7.9 seconds and stumbles it way through the quarter mile in 16.2 seconds. These figures aren’t too terribly bad if you consider the fact that the 2010 Harley Davidson F-150 is slightly underpowered and a little overweight, tipping the scales at a tad over 6000lbs. One does have to consider that the added weight could be from the 4 wheel drive system which wasn’t an option on the older Harley’s; this will make it a much better truck for such tasks as pulling boats from a slippery concrete boat ramp or navigating ice and snow ridden roads. If you’re interested in getting one of these bad boys remember to bring out your big pocket book, the 2010 Harley Davidson will set you back about $50,000. If you intend on cruising home from the dealership on the interstate at about a 100mph; think again, the new Harley Davidson F-150 is governed to 96mph via a fuel cut-off. Also don’t be surprised at the dent gasoline is going to put in your wallet either, this gem of a truck only gets 13mpg in the city and 18mpg on the highway. But, it wouldn’t be a Harley product if it wasn’t expensive and you didn’t have to make some sacrifices. Customers that will be buying this truck don’t care about fuel economy or price; it’s about the prestige and the towing capacity for his and hers motorcycles. Don’t expect the Harley Davidson to be able to tow like a similarly equipped 4 wheel drive F-150, the Harley is only designed with a bed payload capacity of 1150lbs and a tow weight of only 5100lbs. So, for $50,000 you get four wheel drive, Harley Davidson aesthetic upgrades, and a not so work worthy, work truck.

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