Tricks and Tips on Taking Stunning Car Photos

Stunning Car Photos

While most people with interest in photography consider it a hobby, others use it a profit-making venture.  With Best lenses for car photography, you can take stunning car photos that are worthy of a double-page spread in a magazine. You just need to know the tricks of taking impressive car photos.

In this blog post, you will learn some of the best tricks and tips on taking photos of cars.

  • Choose the Best Time of the Day

Even if you’re a newbie, you’ve probably heard of the term “golden hour.” Basically, this is the best time of the day that offers the finest light for photos.

A good tip is to shoot few minutes before sunrise or few minutes after sunset for low-angle sunlight. These times of the day provide more warmth and texture to an image. Taking advantage of these periods will also allow you to stabilize the elements of the photos easily.

To avoid the grainy texture of your car photos, adjust the ISO to the lowest possible option and keep longer exposures. Another tip is to use a tripod to achieve the right soft light on the car’s paint.

  • Remember the Basics

Automotive photography still requires the usual rules of composition. Thus, you need to apply the basic principles of symmetry, leading lines, framing, and the rule of thirds, when taking photos of cars.

Of course, since photography is an art, you may want to break the rules for creative freedom. Spontaneous moments will always likely occur, so you won’t always have the time to think things through. Just follow your guts.

  • Use the Bokeh Effect

It’s challenging to find the perfect location without a quite distracting background, especially if you are in the city. To emphasize the car, even more, try using a narrow depth of field for that blurry background effect. The bokeh effect, for instance, is commonly used by many photographers to divert any distracting details.

  • Avoid Eye-Level Shots

One of the common mistakes of rookies when taking photos of cars is shooting from eye level. Taking a photo from this level makes the car look dull and ordinary since people are used to seeing it from this perspective.

To take your car photography a notch higher, take low or high-level shots. This technique will give you a more interesting angle, especially if you want to show off the car’s design or other unique features.

  • Get Shoots from Inside

After taking the best exterior shots of a car, it’s time to get inside and take great pictures of the interior. Indeed, it’s more difficult to take photos from inside the car, but there are many ways to produce magazine-worthy shots.

Highlight a particular feature with distinct patterns, textures, or shapes. You may also opt to shoot a landscape image through another window or the windshield. Be bold and don’t be afraid to experiment!


Now that you already know some of the trade secrets of automotive photography, it’s time to put these tips to practice. There’s no better way to improve your camera skills than getting started with taking photos of cars.

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