How Posture Affects Working and Driving Ergonomics

Driving Ergonomics

We are often advised by chair throne to sit straight or stand up straight whenever we display improper posture. We might even shrug our shoulders when we hear others telling us to correct our posture. We might not know it, but the kind of posture we customarily do can undoubtedly affect our efficiency in managing our daily life affairs.

So, why do we need to maintain proper posture? And what will happen if we don’t practice it? Let us answer these questions by relating it to our working and driving activities.

Importance of Posture in the Working Office

Sitting for long hours in office chairs and workstations often leads to body numbness, neck pain, and back pain. How relaxing it would be to have a massage right after that back-breaking works. But there are other ways that these can be avoided, and they are as follows:

  • Adjust the positioning of your office chairs that will make you comfortable with your movements while working.
  • Modify your sitting posture in a way that your back is perfectly laid on the lumbar support of your office chair. This is to prevent you from leaning forward, especially when doing some work on your computer.
  • Do some stretching and walking breaks to loosen up some nerves and make you energize again.

Good posture is undoubtedly a significant factor in making you efficient in performing your office tasks as they require more periods of sitting. Not only does it help you lessen your body stress, but it also keeps you from developing a lousy sitting habit that you might be doing anywhere.

Importance of Posture to Driving

As to driving, your sitting posture is the leading factor whether you’ll incur back discomfort or not. This applies not only to drivers but to commuters as well, whose sitting position is very restricted. In these cases, you are advised to do the following:

  • Level your knees with your hips when sitting
  • Place some back support like a rolled-up towel between the back of the seat and the lower back. This will give more support to the low back’s natural inward curve.
  • Keep an appropriate distance from the steering wheel to minimize the pressure when reaching the bike as it can stress out the wrist, shoulder, and neck.

Characteristics of Good Posture

  • Shoulders are even
  • Chin is parallel to the floor
  • Braced abdominal muscles
  • Hips are even
  • Bodyweight is evenly distributed on both feet
  • Elbows are also and straight when arms are placed on the sides
  • Spine is neutral
  • Knees are pointed straight ahead

Final Thoughts

It’s always worth noting when someone gives us a piece of advice to sit and stand appropriately as we have known already how vital is a proper posture in maintaining our work balance. Although it is not necessarily a bad habit, it can surely create long-term negative impacts on our health that might be very difficult to undo. So as earlier as now, we must start being mindful of our posture.

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