Why Restomods are Truly the Best of Both Worlds


While today’s generation wishes to own the modern-day Bugatti, or Ferrari, or Bentley, there is another group that has more respect for the classic iconic cars of the past. Some of these people get classic cars for luxury collections and some for unique weekend rides. Whichever the case you can learn more here about it, the classics are making their way back into the motor world in the form of restomods, and they are becoming a favorite of both the classic and modern motor world.

If you are not yet familiar with the term restomods, here is some information to help you understand why it is becoming a common term.

What are Restomods?

Restomod is a term derived from the words “restoration and modification.” Restomoding involves restoring the old classic cars and modifying them with modern engines, transmissions, chassis, shock absorbers, and any other part that improves performance and comfort. However, the exterior look of the classic cars is maintained.

How were Restomod Cars Born?

Restomod cars were born thanks to classic car collectors and hot rodders. Collectors had an interest in only finding classic cars to show off at motor events. They did not care about the performance of the vehicles. On the other hand, hot rodders collected vintage cars and improved their performance by upgrading the engines and different car dynamics that improved the driving experience.

Over the years, these car hobbyists gave birth to a new generation of car enthusiasts who maintained the old look of classic cars but improved the cars’ functions and performance features with modern and technologically advanced car parts.

Why are Restomod Cars Becoming the Best of Both Worlds?

Uncompromising features: Restomods give you the satisfaction of enjoying an old muscle car with modern performance features.

Improves creativity: restomoding can help you to be more creative. It gives people, especially those that do not like modern cars straight from the factory, an opportunity to bring their creativity into life in the form of restored and modified classic cars.

They are great alternatives to classic restoration: restoration returns cars to their original looks as they were initially. However, since they were made a long time ago, it becomes challenging to find original parts. Restomod maintains the old look with an upgrade of performance features with readily available car parts.

Best Restomods

If you are looking to bring to life an old classic car, below are the best classics to choose from:

The ford mustang

Chevy Camaro

ICON Ford Bronco

These are some of the favorite classic cars that can be restomodded with new car parts.

Final Thoughts

For a person who wants to relive the past but still get to work early, restomods are the perfect option to do that. They have also helped in preserving family traditions by keeping old classic cars passed from generation to generation. If your grandfather gifted an old Porsche, and it has been rotting in the garage, now you know what to do with it and how to keep its memory alive by bringing it back on the road.

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