Your Guide for 2019’s Best Driving Glasses

Driving Glasses

There is absolutely no excuse when it comes to protecting your eyes with best anti glare night driving glasses while driving. The eyes are one of the most sensitive parts of the human body, and it should be protecting all the time — be it while swimming, walking outdoors, or even driving.

The number one enemy of your vision would be UV rays. For that, you may use anti-UV glasses and sunshades to protect your eyes from it. When it comes to driving, however, you may use opaque window tints to dim off the sunlight and protect your eyes.

Nowadays, driving glasses are continually being modernized and improved. In this article, we’ll give you a quick buying guide for the best driving glasses in 2019. Specifically, you have to consider the following factors:

UV Protection

There are different types of UV rays that may affect your vision. The visible light with ordinary rays is safe. What you need to protect your eyes from are the UV rays that may give a harmful and damaging effect on your eyes. You should choose glasses that may filter up to 100% degree of UV rays.

It’s hard to find glasses of this type, and sometimes, you’ll need to have them customized.


The protection on your eyes depends on the size of the lens. It is recommended that the size of the lens should at least be 136mm wide to protect the eyes not just from harmful UV rays but also from other external factors such as dust and small lightweight rocks which may enter the eyes and cause irritation.


The frame is the one to hold the lens. It is important that you know about the material of the frame because it will determine the glass’ comfortability and durability. There are a lot of frame material variants such as titanium, aluminum, stainless steel, and plastic. Most of the time, the design also depends on which material it is made from.

Top 5 Best Driving Glasses in 2019

To help you choose the right product, here are some recommendations we can give you:

  • William Painter Aviator – its titanium frame and nylon lens give it a more masculine and fresh look.
  • Persol Men’s – it has a crystal lens and a composite frame which made it a bit more pricy than the others.
  • Ray-Ban Men’s – this one has a plastic frame and a mirror lens. Ray ban’s 0RB4147 glasses series is well-known to provide the best eye shades when it comes to quality and durability.
  • Costa Del Mar Loreto – its glass lens and frame give the shade itself a unique style.
  • BMW Aviator – its frame is made of stainless steel and its lens is of polycarbonate. Its B6513 series offers a wide variety of men’s driving glasses.

You need to learn more about your vision details first. These include your vision grade and any conditions you might have when choosing for the right glasses. Driving glasses today come at a high price, so it’s better to pick the right one as much as possible.

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