Why Having a Car Gun Might Be a Good Idea

Gun Might Be a Good Idea

There remains to be so much fuss over owning a gun in the name of self defense, but the idea of tucking a gun inside your dashboard had already been a thing for years. Gone were the days when a snubnose .38 Special was the default. Now, we’d find a pistol in a holster somewhere in there. That’s to say that many like adventure footstep still believe that keeping a car firearm might do you better than not having one, and we agree.

Why Most People Believe Guns Are Bad

Conventional wisdom dictates that gun = bad. If nobody carried guns in the first place, there is no need to defend yourself with the same thing. Unfortunately, we don’t live in a time where every bad situation could be talked out of. We simply believe that you should take it upon yourself to protect yourself and your family when the time comes– and being inside a car doesn’t mean you can’t be harmed or threatened.

Still, there are a good number of people who advocate against gun use entirely, with a few good points across. Here are a few things to consider when getting a car gun:

  • It could be stolen.

Although you do not hold full accountability of this, the thief could use the stolen firearm to do criminal activities and inflict harm to others.

  • It could mean jail time.

Some states do not allow the transportation of firearms within the city or across state lines. If caught, you could be given a fine, filed a record, or possible imprisoned.

  • You could hurt yourself.

When driving, it is not advisable that you have your vehicle “on your person”, but keeping it in the dashboard doesn’t mean no one else could have access and mishandle the firearm.

Why It’s a Good Idea.

A gun is one of two things – a weapon or a tool. What it  will become depends on how it is oriented and used. Indeed, having access to a gun presents the possibility of violence, but it also offers the chance to rescue and save. It can ward off a threatening individual like a road-raging maniac or a carjacker, and it can prevent the criminal from getting away too. It will also give the driver a sense of security that if something bad happens, he or she will have the means to defend himself/herself and the rest of the occupants in the car.

Should You Do It?

One must incorporate the principle, “if you have to do it, do it right.” Thus, if you’ve decided that getting a car gun for yourself is the way to go, then here are the things that you need to do.

If you’re living in a state or province that requires gun registration, permit or license for carrying a gun, then deal with these arrangements as soon as possible.

Get a holster for your gun. This serves as a safety precaution since the device restricts the unwanted movements of a gun and covers the trigger guard.

As for storage, make sure you prepare or purchase a compartment, a case or a bag that can conceal and protect the firearm. Jamming it into the crevices of your car is never a good idea.

Taking these necessary precautions will not only secure you and your family from outward harm, but will keep them safe from accidents caused by the mishandling of the gun. Also make sure you keep the gun in a place with limited access. This especially applies if someone tried to steal it. Having the gun in a locked container with a security code can increase your safety if ever the container gets stolen, because the lock will hinder access of the firearm.

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