How to Drive a Manual Jeep Wrangler?

Manual Jeep Wrangler

It is pretty sure that driving on manual gears can be quite the challenge. This is how frustrating it gets when you start driving a manual Jeep Wrangler for the very first time. However, like all other jeeps out there that are driven on stick shifts and driven off-road, it would take a lot of trials and errors before you can manage driving it perfectly. But there are popular things as well.

It only takes a better understanding of the basics of driving a manual jeep that should progress your driving skills with the manual Jeep Wrangler. Here are some beginner steps on how to drive a manual Jeep Wrangler.

Get started on the flatter roads

The first phase on driving manual cars and jeeps is to have a good understanding and knowledge in handling the clutch. This is nothing like your automatic SUVs or pick-ups. It takes more practice in handling these cars and what better way to do it than to drive it first on flat, concrete roads. Trying it right away off-road could result in the loss of control or untoward accidents, especially if you are still learning it for the first time.

Start with the gas on and move the clutch slowly up

It is better to feel the jeep rumble first and have its RPM go up before lifting the clutch up to move the vehicle. You can also apply a gentle amount of pressure on the gad pedal alongside the clutch letting out at the same instance. At 3,000 RPM level, you can let off your foot on the gas pedal. This is also the time for the clutch pedal to be depressed. Raising the Wrangler on the second gear would mean to have the process done all over again. For jeeps that do not have tachometers, you would need to sharpen your hearing as you would use your ears to know the vehicle’s RPM.

Avoid stepping on the clutch pedal

Always remember to put your clutch foot on the floor. It is never a good habit to have your soles remain on the clutch pedal or you will engage yourself to ruining the discs that controls the clutch pedal and the gears itself. Once you are on the final gear of your drive, you can place your foot on the floor. This will take in a lot of practice. Everyone thinks that removing your soles from the clutch gear is being careless. This is not the case with manual Jeep Wranglers, or on any manual gear jeeps. The scare is also an illusion and it is an innate reflex on drivers to find the clutch easily without looking down at the pedals.

Many new drivers really fear driving a manual, especially when taking it to a rough ride. Nonetheless, the joy of driving and the thrill of taking in jeeps to an adventure is something that everyone should try at least once in their lifetime. The scare happens only one and, once you get the feel of driving the manual Jeep Wrangler, you would want to do it all over again until you get the hang of it all.

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