Best Blogs & Websites for Motorsport Enthusiasts

Websites for Motorsport Enthusiasts

Motorsport enthusiasts are always searching for news revolving around the said sport. If you’re one, this list will provide you with one of the best web hosting platforms like CertaHosting that give you enough content to satisfy that motorsport desires:

Speed Sport

One of the pioneers of motorsport news, Speed Sport started in 1934 and is still publishing the latest report that will cater to fans around the globe. The writers are experienced freelance journalists, so you’re confident that the content they are providing is topnotch. They also deliver legitimate news if you are on the lookout for racing results and analysis.

Racecar Engineering

If you’re interested to know about the current technologies and trends in the motorsport world, you will love this website. The team is made up of industry professionals that genuinely knows what they are talking about. If you want to know more about the sport’s technical side and the different innovations it comes with, this is the site that you should check.

Up North Motorsports

The owner of the website has more than a decade of experience when it comes to covering motorsport. And just last 2014, he had finally made his own website, providing information about the key people in the racing industry and other things about the sport.


Based in Mumbai, the owner of the blog is obsessed with Formula 1 and cars in general. He also posts other categories like gaming and movie reviews from time to time, so website visitors won’t get bored by just looking at motorsport news each time they visit.

Tim Buxton Blog

Tim has fifteen years of experience as a freelance motorsport journalist; needless to say, he really loved his job because he’s also a fanatic. He is now a reporter for NBCSN and is covering Formula 1 races.

Cheryl Tay

A motoring journalist from Singapore, Cheryl Tay mostly covers Formula 1 races held in her country. Her mission for creating her blog is to not only deliver news to fellow enthusiasts but to also encourage other women to join the sport.

Race Tech Magazine

They pride themselves as the main source of technical analysis reports when it comes to racing; their blogs contain comprehensive analysis by engineers to maintain the fairness of the news. Also, the blog not only delivers technical information but also features other reports about motorsport.

If you are from Ireland and would like to get daily news about motorsport, then this is the site to visit. The website will keep you updated with the latest news, events, and racing results in the area.

Rach F1

This site covers news and articles about what is currently happening in the F1 racing world, so it’s a really particular platform for those who are interested.


If you want to know more about the current developments in racing cars and its technologies, then give this website a visit. It also covers developments on non-racing cars for those who are curious.

The list above is written randomly and not by its popularity or rating. However, all of the websites will surely pique your interest because they have interesting posts, thus satisfying all of your motorsport needs.

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