Top Tips for New Drivers

New Drivers

Just like in any other school, driving schools will not teach everything that you need to know when it comes to driving. Most schools will only teach you the basics of driving and leave the rest up to you. Some of them even teach about new CRVs, Civics, and Ridgelines for sale and much more. If you are lucky, you might get a driving school that will teach almost everything you need to know about a car and driving. However, it is doubtful that such a school exists. Many drivers learn more skills through experience and mistakes out on the roads. If you are a new driver, some aspects of driving might confuse you since your instructor never mentioned them.

Therefore, to get you on the right foot, here are a few tips that your instructor missed to demonstrate to you.

Sitting Position

Some instructors might show a student how to sit properly in the driver’s car seat but most assume this part. The perfect posture can save your life in case an incident occurs on the roads.

To have the right posture, you have to:

  • Press your back on the seat’s backrest.
  • Press the brake pedal and make sure your leg is almost straight; if your leg is not straight, adjust the seat to create more room.
  • Adjust your head to a vertical position while pressing the brake pedal and your back firmly on the backrest.
  • Rest your wrists on the steering wheel at 10 and 2 o’clock positions.

Practice Driving in Unfavorable Conditions

You probably took your driving practical lessons on a sunny day in a well-maintained paved road. However, that is not always the case on all roads. Some roads are bumpy, slippery, full of potholes, curvy, steep, or narrow. Weather conditions can also change anytime.

Therefore, you need to practice driving using different types of cars in unfavorable weather conditions and on some poor roads. Just make sure to practice in areas with no traffic first, then move on to roads with more cars as you gain confidence.

Stopping Positions When Parking

Driving schools will teach new drivers how to stop a car but not the right time to stop when parking. When parking on a parallel parking spot, place a tape at the middle of the bottom of the windshield. Drive to a parking spot and stop the car when the tape is in line with the curb line.

If you are parking in a perpendicular parking spot, you should stop when the curb line is in line with the base of your side mirror.

Extra Tips

The rearview mirror has a night mode and a day mode feature. The mirror should be pulled down using a lever underneath it when driving at night and pulled up during day time.

Turning on the high beam lights heats the car battery when it has been exposed to cold temperatures for a long time and won’t start.

It is important that you use the handbrake regularly to make sure it stays in perfect condition. Hand brakes wear out when they are not used for a long time.

There are other tips and tricks that new drivers should learn that will help them deal with the road madness. Just stay alert and be observant, and you will learn a thing or two every day you are out on the roads.

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