Top 5 Mobile Marketing Strategies for Photographers

Marketing Strategies for Photographers

With the increasing rate of people using their mobile devices, it could spell massive potential and opportunity for bulk SMS marketing in the photography business. By using mobile marketing methods, not only will photographers be able to boost their potential client base, but it will also help them keep up with the industry competition.

Cellphones have become an easy and fast way to spread information, whether through social media or SMS.  One advantage of marketing through mobile devices is that you don’t need to spend a fortune. That said, if you are a startup in photography, this is a more natural method to penetrate the market. Below are guidelines that you can apply in mobile marketing.

Create a Website for Active Mobile Users

People use their cell phones as a social and educational tool now that they have become affordable and straightforward to use than ever before. You have to make sure your website is tailored for mobile users. This way, you’ll be able to receive frequent visitors who want to learn and know more about your photography services.

SMS Marketing for Customer Notification

Messaging is an effective method used by various businesses to relay urgent messages that are critical for clients to have. Use the text notification to inform your current and potential customers of an upcoming event or brand promotion. You can also have an idea of improving your service by observing customer reviews and polls.

Boost the Redemption Rate with Mobile Vouchers

Mobile tokens are created and customized to the needs of your potential customers. They’re less expensive than the standard print vouchers. This method is more effective since the tokens don’t have to be pinned and taken for redemption.

While doing so, you have to make sure the vouchers have a clear offer in terms of an expiration date. Short expiration periods will prompt your customers to reply faster which, in turn, will lead to a better redemption rate.

Email Marketing

Email is another way you can provide communication to your event planners and other people who may require your photography services. Email marketing looks professional and is an excellent way if you are starting to promote your brand. The good thing is that you will not incur any charges. Additionally, if you are a seasoned photographer and would like to boost your current client base, the email method is ideal.

Free Mobile Apps

As a photographer, you can use a mobile app for sharing photo albums, portfolio images, service promotion, featured photo tutorials, and many more. To ensure your mobile app is noticed by everyone, you can make a page for it on review sites for feedback. Initially, you can promote it in your business invoices and flyer insertion; you may even offer to give a discount or offer it for free.


Mobile marketing is a must-have for every photographer. Your clients will always have up-to-date information regarding your business. By learning the above tips for promoting your photography business through cell phone advertising, you will not only increase your sales growth, but you will also improve your services.

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