How to Become a Rally Driver in the UK

Rally driving is not as hard and dangerous as people think. If you are trained well by a qualified instructor in a professional rally school, it will feel like the old times when you used to race with your childhood friends using bicycles. The process of becoming a rally driver is an easy one. It only takes some few steps before you can embark on the journey of becoming the next big rally driver in Britain or even in the entire world. These steps are as follows:

Step 1: Purchase an MSA Go Rallying Pack

Your first mission in your journey should be to register for a rally driving license. You can get the license from the Motor Sports Association which is the governing body for motorsport in Britain.

Step 2: Enrol into a Rally School

The next step is to find a suitable rally school, preferably one which is equipped with all rally driving requirements. A good example is Rally Action British School which is also a member of the British Association of Rally Schools which deals with BARS Assessments. You can now begin tuitions, and you can also register as a member of a motor club to stay up to date on rally events.

Step 3: Find a rally car

Don’t panic yet and wonder where you will get a WRC standard car as you can begin with a budget car with an MSA logbook. You will also need some safety gears such as a helmet, rally suit, and a HANS device.

Step 4: Register for a rally

There are several rallies held in the UK almost every week: both amateur and professional. Find one that entices you and register. Registration fees range from 200 pounds to 300 pounds for a single venue rally stage.

Becoming a rally driver is not anywhere close to rocket science. You can even register today and begin your journey tomorrow.

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